Ursus Verses

an all-gender a cappella group celebrating 20 years at Bowdy!!! We pride ourselves on greyscale fashion, alt/r&b/pop/any-kind-of-music-ever beatz, and, that's right, you guessed it, FRIENDSHIP!!

Stop by for updated info and videos throughout the semester!

We will not be recruiting in the Fall but we look forward to meeting new people through Zoom hangouts.

Reach out to hkeeley@bowdoin.edu if you have any questions!

Alex Withers '21

I'm from Fairfield, CT and I'm double majoring in anthropology and economics  with an art history minor. Fun Fact: I truly believe that Billy Joe Armstrong is an Angel. And I love singing with my friends each week!

Lia Kornmehl '23

I’m from Newton, Massachusetts and studying Government and Religion. I joined Ursus as a Soprano 2 and perc, but a little known fact about me is that I can make pretty accurate cricket noises too (weird, right?)! I love Ursus because of the joy every single member brings to our music and the group and am so thankful to be a part of it!

Stephen Girard '21

I am majoring in Classics with a minor in religion. I'm a part of the Peucinian Society, the frisbee team, and of course Ursus Versus. He is looking forward to a great year with members old and new. I love to play the guitar AND! I love Ursus Versus because it is a place where my voice and who I am is appreciated. In this group, I feel like I’m part of a community with friends and support all around. Can’t get much better than that.

Jackie Boben '22

I use she/her/hers. I am an Anthropology and Theater major. A fun fact about me is that older sister (Capo) was in Ursus Versus with me! Every week I look forward to opening the doors of in Moulton Union to sing fun melodic lines on odd syllables with a group of unique individuals. Ursus Versus is a lovely group of people who welcome my absurdity with open arms. Not only is it a place where we all enjoy singing as a group together, but a community where I am supported and pushed to be my best self!

Gabby Farrell '21

A fun fact about me: working in the emergency department at a local hospital right now Also spelt Ursus verses wrong until my junior year of college 🤪😳 But i love Ursus because 9-11 pm practice in main lounge is the best study break a girl could ask for with people that constantly reminded me why I loved music so much and never failed to put a smile on my face

Rose Xi '22

I am from Tokyo/Shanghai. My favorite board game is Settlers of Catan, and my childhood dream was to be able to have unlimited yogurt so I can drink it like water. I love Ursus because Ursus is a group of amazing humans who are the most fun and supportive people to be around! Our group members are also such beauuuuutiful singers, and I think we sound great together (hopefully you think so too haha). Who doesn't love good music and kind people? (Rose also asked me to crop her dad out of this photo, but it was just too good to pass up).

Hope Keeley '21

I am from Eureka, MO and am studying English & Theatre and Government & Legal Studies! I use she/her/hers and am currently residing in a beach town in Massachusetts. Fun fact about me! I have died my hair like 6 different colors in the past four years and I spent quarantine alone with my pet fish, Alistair! Ursus is my favorite thing to do on campus because I get to spend hours making music and laughing and screaming with the best people ever.

Kimi Blakely '23

I use she/her/hers, and I am a sophomore. One fun fact about me is that I have four younger siblings who are living in Hong Kong. I absolutely love Ursus for many reasons. I knew from the beginning that Ursus was the only a Capella group I wanted to join; in fact it was the only group I auditioned for. I can completely express all of who I am when I am with my Ursus people. We are all so different that when we come together, we have great energy and a great dynamic. Despite our differences, we all have a love for making beautiful music together.

Logan Gillis '23

I am from Brunswick, Maine, and I hope to double major in music and biology. Being a part of the Ursus Verses community has been an amazing (although short) part of my Bowdoin experience. Having joined only three weeks before everyone was sent home last semester, I eagerly await my first opportunity to perform with the group!

Chris Ritter '21

Chris is from Lexington, Virginia. He enjoys photography, surfing, and riding razor scooters at night. He loves Ursus because sometimes people will leave food or tea or other nice things in the Moulton lounge where Ursus practices and usually no one is around to see him take those things.