The Meddiebempsters

Who we are

Founded in 1937, the Bowdoin College Meddiebempsters are a tight-knit group of guys who love to hang out and have a good time. We perform for a variety of events at Bowdoin and in the New England area throughout the year. We often perform with or host other collegiate a cappella groups from around the region. Each spring, we go on tour to another part of the country or world, spending several days to weeks on the road. We are proud of our traditions and continue to sing many of the songs sung by Meddies from the past and interact with our extensive alumni network. The Meddies have provided many of us with our most memorable experiences of college.


All first-years and sophomores are encouraged too audition for the Meddies! Auditions will be held on Monday and Tuesday, September 27-28, from 7:00-10:00pm in the garage of 24 College (the house near Ladd/Osher quad). Bring a favorite song to sing for us and a joke. Please sign up for a 15-minute audition slot at the Smith Union info desk. We can't wait to meet you!

Tour and Concerts

Ever since the Meddies were airlifted into Berlin in 1948 by the USO, tour has been an annual tradition. Over the past four years, we have travelled to Washington, DC, Boston, Montreal, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Singing with other collegiate a cappella groups and funding our travels with paid gigs is always a highlight of the year, strengthening the bonds between all of us.

During the rest of the year, we sing with other a cappella groups at Bowdoin and gigs at local schools, nursing homes, alumni events, museums, LL Bean, and anything else that comes our way.

"Mood Indigo" by Duke Ellington

The Meddies oldest song


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Meet the Meddies

Timmy Solimine

Timmy is a senior from Pelham, NY, sings tenor, and is the musical director for the Meddies. He is a physics and chemistry double major with a minor in musical performance, a member of the rugby team, and a huge nerd for progressive rock and some metal genres, though that doesn't normally bleed (ha) into the Meddies' repertoire. He can't wait to be back on campus to get to know the first year class and eventually audition some new Meddies!

Will Rackear

Will is a senior Chemistry major and the social chair of the Meddies. Being a Meddie means a lot to him, and has definitely been one of the highlights of his Bowdoin career. Other than singing, Will likes to ski, and is a member of the alpine ski team on campus. His favorite Meddie standard is our oldest classic, Mood Indigo. Oh, and don't mind if you see him onstage without a shirt. He does that.

August Wadlington

August is a senior Computer Science and Russian double-major (CIA wya?) from Shippensburg, PA. He is the Meddies' Business Director and sings baritone. When he's not rehearsing, he's probably working in the VR lab, doing fun 3D printing projects, or hanging out with friends. August's favorite Meddie song is God Only Knows, and if you see him on campus but forget his name, yell a month at him. He'll probably answer.

Thomas Mazzuchi

Thomas is a junior from Washington, DC, and he has always loved to sing. He used to be a little tweety-bird soprano, but now sings bass for the Meddies. Outside of the group, Thomas spends most of his time at the BOC, hiking up mountains and kayaking down rivers. More than anything, though, he anxiously awaits the day we can return to campus and audition some new Meddies, and he hopes you'll be there when we do.

Howard Wu

Howard is a senior Neuroscience and Asian Studies double major, and a huge fan of Taiwanese bubble tea, though he often wonders why he traveled from Asia to America to learn about Asian Studies. He loves to sing, but what he loves even more is spending time with his friends, and is always happy to see another Meddie around campus. Howard's favorite song is µÖ┤Õñ® - Õ濵Ø░õ╝ª.

Sam Lakritz

Sam is a junior Physics major from New Jersey who loves breakdancing, running Spartan Races, and eating Korean BBQ. Oh yeah, and singing too. Sam is also the Social Media Director of the Meddies.

Jay Sayler

Jay is a junior from Spearfish, South Dakota. He's a Government Major and a Francophone Studies minor. Jay enjoys spending time with the group, but when he's not doing that, he's busy trying to organize campus a cappella concerts as Co-President of the A Cappella Council. He enjoys rowing, skiing, caring for his plants, and fig newtons in his dwindling spare time. Jay's favorite Meddie's song is "Yona from Arizona" because the title and the lyrics rhyme.

Thomas Trundy

His name is Thomas, but everyone calls him Trundy. He's a junior from Bath, ME, and a prospective Biochemistry major and Anthropology minor. When not singing tenor with the Meddies, Trundy enjoys spending time in Hatch Library, playing the tenor sax, rucking on the rugby pitch, going to the gym, and doing yoga.

Sam Lakritz

Sam is a junion Physics major from New Jersey who loves breakdancing, running Spartan Races, and eating Korean BBQ. Oh yeah, and singing too. Sam is also the Social Media Director of the Meddies.