The Bear Tones is a gender-inclusive, all-treble a cappella group. We sing a wide range of songs, from classics like "Sir Duke" to contemporary alternative songs like "G Train." During a normal, non-pandemic school year we have many performances each semester. A highlight from Spring 2020 was traveling to Mt. Holyoke College to perform a concert with groups from across New England.

Though we certainly spend a lot of our time singing, we like to do things together outside of rehearsal, too! Some of the highlights of our group experiences have been post-rehearsal dinners at Sweet Angel, ocean trips to Simpson's Point, and late-night study sessions in Smith Union!

Together, we are a fun and inclusive group that cares deeply about each other. We would love to have you join our a cappella family!

G Train at Mt. Holyoke!

Sophomore Marie CRUSHES her performance of G Train. We were so proud!

1. Determine your eligibility

Are you a Bowdoin College student? Do you sing in treble clef? If yes, you are eligible to audition! We accept members of any gender identity.

2. Asynchronous Component

First, fill out this Google Form by WED, OCT 21.

Now let's put the siiiiiing in single! Record yourself singing a song (anything goes - any language, any genre!) and send the video (using your Bowdoin email) to You can do the first verse and chorus of the song (the first minute or so) or the full song. We just want to hear you sing!

3. Synchronous Component

Live audition time! After completing the Google Form, you'll receive a survey to choose a 15-minute slot to meet the group on Oct 22-23. The audition will include a tonal memory exercise, and we will likely ask you to download a free app on your iPad or phone.

4. Sit tight!

Once all of the auditions are complete, we will let you know what the next steps are. Good luck, we are cheering for you!