About Us

Peer Health is a group of student leaders who are committed to raising awareness and educating peers about a variety of college pertinent health and wellness topics.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Peer Health is a close knit group of student leaders who promote health and well-being for the Bowdoin community through intentional programming, education, and leadership on campus. We strive to increase awareness for college health topics* by engaging with first years and the Bowdoin community at large. We aim to improve the health and resource access of Bowdoin students.We recognize that the 2020-2021 academic year is going to look very different due to COVID-19 and that being away from campus can amplify some of the health challenges students experience. We are committed to provide resources for students wherever they are this year.

*Some specific college pertinent health topics we focus on are: mental health, alcohol and other drugs, sleep, stress, holistic wellness, physical health, body satisfaction, and sexual health.

Our Vision

As peers, we care immensely about our Bowdoin community. We strive to support the evolution of social norms at Bowdoin to be guided by health and wellness. We hope to empower the Bowdoin community to prioritize their health and wellness so they can be the best version of themselves.

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