Bowdoin's oldest co-ed a cappella group

Welcome to BOKA's webpage! We're Bowdoin's oldest co-ed a cappella group.

About us

Here on this webpage, you can learn a little bit about us, watch some of our past performances, and learn about our 2020 audition process (which will be a little bit kookier than normal in a COVID world!


Here are some links to past BOKA performances throughout the last couple of years. BOKA typically sings a wide range of popular music, from pop, to folk, to R&B, to alternative. We like to explore and find songs that we can have a lot of fun with!

Falling Water

Performed Spring 2020

Soloist- Amanda Anderson

Hey Jude

Performed Spring 2020

Soloist- Marianne Tissot

Feeling Good

Performed Fall 2019

Soloist- Papa Sekyere

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    Wait to hear back!

    We're excited to be able to hold some form of auditions this year, and will be in contact around October 13th about call-backs!

Amanda Anderson

Senior Leader

Ahjani Llewellyn

Senior Leader

Wayne Harding

Senior Leader

Gillian Raley

Senior Leader

Safiya Osei

Senior Leader