WBOR 91.1 FM - Community DJ Application

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NOTE: If you plan on having a co-host, they will also need to apply.

WBOR 91.1 FM is Bowdoin College’s student and community-operated radio station.

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WBOR broadcasts not only to the Midcoast Maine region but to the entire world via real-time streaming on our website, wbor.org. WBOR strives to be an outlet for Bowdoin students and community members to express themselves in a welcoming community. In doing this, WBOR aspires to create quality, independent programming that represents the diversity of the Bowdoin and Midcoast community while providing a unique student-run alternative to standard commercial radio.

Being a member of WBOR's on-air staff implies significant responsibility. This includes conducting a weekly show during your assigned programming slot and spending considerable time each week inside and outside the studio preparing for and working to improve your show. Please take the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete this application. WBOR is looking for individuals with enthusiasm and creativity willing to commit the time and energy it takes to make WBOR a quality station on and off the air

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